Lake Elementeita

A visit to Lake Elementeita, a soda lake in the Great Rift Valley. It has great views and a yellowish forest, due to the Yellow Fever trees (from the Acacia family). Unfortunately all the flamingos were in Tanzania because of the rainy season, so we only saw some lonesome wanderers. What we did find is our first geocache in Kenya!


Africa; where laughing is the only reaction

Our first impression of Kenya started with a visit to Kibera together with two African guys we met on the streets of Nairobi. Let’s start with the worst… Kibera covers 2.5 sq km and residents one million people, the world’s second-largest shanty town.
We feel ashamed, walking with our camera through the small and dirty paths, passing people who are daily struggling to survive. But at the same time the kids are putting a smile on our face, when they’re calling from a distance ‘mzungu, mzungu, how are you?’ and are running towards us. We try to answer in our best Kiswahili ‘mzuri, habari yako?’. And then their smile is also getting bigger and we still hear them laughing when we are already in the next street. We never felt unsave and it was actually relieving to experience the kindness and goodness of these beautiful people. Africa; where laughing is the only reaction.